Les Trophées Cosmébio 2022 – Quels produits sont en lice cette année?
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2018 new Cosmétagora formulas (4)


Just like every year, the Cosmétagora show organized by the SFC (French Society of Cosmetology) last January 9-10, celebrated innovations in cosmetics formulation. Brands could find plenty of inspiration, both in terms of product design and marketing concepts

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Poudre Moussante Iridescente – Iridescent Foaming Powder
With a mere playful gesture, this powder instantaneously transforms into a foaming cleansing cream with blue reflections when it comes in contact with water.
Once it has been applied on the face, the skin becomes soft and smooth.
Instructions for use:
• Pour the equivalent of a spoonful of iridescent foaming powder in the hollow of your hand
• Add one spoonful and a half of water on the powder
• Massage in the hollow of your hand and apply the light, foamy cream on your humid face, then rinse off
This innovative anhydrous formula contains 92.7% natural ingredients under standard ISO 16128. Environmentally friendly, it limits water consumption and helps reduce the packaging size and get rid of preservatives.
This concept is based on the swelling power of VIVASTAR CS Instant Powder and on the unctuosity and softness of VITACEL CS 20 FC. The formula is convenient and both simple in its composition and original in its behaviour.
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Natural Cleansing Gel
This self-emulsifying, rinse-off cleansing gel is composed of 100% natural ingredients.
If it only needs to account for 0.3% of the gel, the KANEKA SURFACTIN ingredient helps easily obtain a D-PHASE gel with a high quantity of oil (66%). Once rinsed off, the formula leaves the skin soft and hydrated.
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This Transformative Powder to Cream Natural Lipstick is a very innovative texture: a powder with a very pleasant creamy application for a performance similar to a conventional lipstick in terms of comfort, long wear, and coverage.
The formula contains a combination of emollients, but also natural treated pigments and vehicle powders with a high affinity with the skin and emollients as a whole.
Using these innovative ingredients provides good adherence and comfortable application in a stable formula.
Successfully developing a new texture with optimum performance, while being natural and minimalist, is an innovative way to formulate products for more and more demanding consumers.
Kobo ingredients make it possible to create innovative products that meet the market’s demand.
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É’FACE oléo nature
Antioxidant, gentle, moisturizing cleansing skincare oil - 100% natural ingredients. Complies with the COSMOS standard.
It is formulated with 0% water and is free from perfume, colourant, and mineral oil.
This 2-in-1 oil cleanses the skin, removes impurities, and dissolves all types of makeup on the face and eyes, while providing intense hydration and skin protection.
It contains:
• OLEOSOFT-4, composed of the glycerides of four vegetable oils for the oil to be very gentle, non-sticky, and antioxidant, and to moisturize the skin in-depth through quick absorption
• The protective and nourishing activity is strengthened by two oils: Buriti oil from Brazil with antioxidant and moisturizing virtues to fight against the damages related to free radicals, and olive oil, a source of polyphenols and vitamin E
• HYDRIOL PGLO 4 is non-irritant for the skin and little irritant for the eyes, which makes the oil gentle for the face
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Thanks to Puissance 10, see, touch, and regain a perfect skin!
Just a few drops of this fast-acting serum highly-concentrated in hyaluronic acid, and your skin is visibly revitalized, smoother, and more radiant.
As soon as it has been applied, the skin feels deliciously soft and silky and the complexion looks clearer and brighter.
A new generation skin-perfecting essence!
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As a real visual expression of natural, Calendula petals bring life to this lotion through movement and colour, highlighting the ingredient in the formulation.
The yellow shade of the petals is explained by the presence of 18 carotenoids.
The lotion is formulated to solubilize certain carotenoids in just a few days after packaging, and then guarantee stability over time.
Valued by sensitive skins, calendula expresses all its richness with its soothing, moisturizing, anti-inflammatory properties.
 100% natural and COSMOS-certified, the petals contained in this lotion were meticulously selected to guarantee the highest level of purity, in accordance with specifications established in partnership with farmers right from the planting phase:
• Dedicated harvesting
• Flower handpicking
• Gentle drying immediately after harvesting
• Petals delicately separated from flower
• Screening
• Petals meticulously sorted out
• Thermal debacterization
• Whole packed in a lotion (the dosage and packaging of petals in a bottle required developing a innovative, tailor-made industrial process)
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Lucas Meyer

Let us surprise you with this revisited foam that awakens the senses: sight with a floaty foam, hearing with the crackling on the finger, the wrapping touch of the foam when it is applied on the skin, and smell with its sweet perfume.
Comforting for dry to very dry skins, Mousse-en-Baume ( Foam-in-Balm ) wraps the skin in a soft, wellness cocoon. As soon as it has been applied, the feat of its texture is revealed on your fingers: the foam turns into a balm on the skin, and then literally melts during the massage to provide optimum comfort and a second-skin effect.
The main technical challenge of this formula is to get an emulsion mixed with homogeneous bubbles and maintain their appearance over time with a constraint of 10 INCI ingredients.
The air bubbles are confined thanks to the rigid lamellar network created by our senso-active BiophilicTM H emulsifier.
BiophilicTM H accounts for 4% of the formula. It is enough to emulsify 30% of oily phase, including 25% butter to provide a generous texture with a gentle finish and offer a sense of peace and comfort.
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Replenishing Oil Pearls Elixir for Damaged Hair
What is better than pearls to beautify your hair?
This oil-based serum free from silicone is intended for dry, damaged hair.
A few drops of this complex of vegetable oils rigorously selected for their nourishing properties instantaneously revive the hair suppleness, softness, and shininess without any oily effect.
The presence of an Acrylates/C10-30 alkyl acrylate crosspolymer in very low quantity makes it possible to suspend a hundred oil droplets in an aqueous liquid gel and provides the macro-emulsion with its astonishing visual aspect.
This new stabilizer significantly contributes to simplifying the manufacturing process thanks to a very fast dispersion in water.
Made under cold temperatures and low stirring speed, the formula consumes little energy.
Unique visual + instantaneous effect + accessible formula = radiant hair.
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