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2018 new Cosmétagora formulas (5)


Just like every year, the Cosmétagora show organized by the SFC (French Society of Cosmetology) last January 9-10, celebrated innovations in cosmetics formulation. Brands could find plenty of inspiration, both in terms of product design and marketing concepts

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Formulas presented (M to R)

Alban Muller

At the forefront of new trends, Low Poo is a gentle, non-foamy, natural cleansing cream specially designed for very dry, curly, or frizzy hair.
• Composed of 99% natural ingredients, this formula containing moisturizing, softening lotus flower was developed based on a responsible strategy in order to be Cosmos-certified.
• With its outstanding texture, this sulphate-free, silicone-free, synthetic-preservative-free cream leaves no residue on the hair fibre.
Based on Amigel, our multifunctional, moisturizing and texturing natural gelling agent, this unique formula combines sensoriality and efficacy. Easy to apply from roots to ends, it offers both a greener and gentler alternative to standard shampoos.
This cream is THE solution for a minimalist hair detox routine without compromising on efficacy, performance, and eco-responsibility.
A cream with multiple actions:
• Cleansing
• Nourishing
• Moisturizing
• Untangling
Freed from impurities and intensely nourished, your hair recovers its shininess, movement, and softness.
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Le Bonheur, a relaxing anti-pollution serum within an emotional serum.
This aqueous serum with a sweet, silky texture provides the lightest sophisticated, non-sticky skin feel for a moisturizing sensation.
A daily neurocosmetics routine with anti-pollution, anti-stress properties.
This serum enhances the skin’s wellness, while preserving its youth: hydration, softness, suppleness, and radiance.
Fatigue and stress marks fade, the complexion is more radiant, the skin glows.
Key ingredients:

• Isopentyldiol, a multifunctional ingredient, vehicle + active. This highly-polyvalent product moisturizes the skin. It also acts as a hair care active and contributes to preservation.
• Radiance-enhancing neurophroline is an anti-stress and anti-pollution agent. It inhibits the production of cortisol and stimulates the release of relaxing neuropeptides (endorphins) in the skin.
• Floracare ET 76 is an anionic acrylic co-polymer dispersed in hydrogenated polydecene. This ready-for-use thickener is extremely polyvalent and offers an excellent solution to many skincare formulations.
• Geogard 221 is a broad-spectrum preservative compliant with the COSMOS and ECOCERT standards.

É’FACE oléo nature.
An antioxidant, gentle, moisturizing, cleansing skincare oil with 100% natural ingredients. COSMOS-standard-compliant.
It is formulated with 0% water and free from any perfume, colourant, and mineral oil.
This 2-in-1 product cleanses the skin, removes impurities, and dissolves all types of makeup on the face and eyes, while providing intense hydration and skin protection.
It contains:
• OLEOSOFT-4, which is composed of the glycerides of four vegetable oils for the oil to be very gentle, non-sticky, antioxidant, and deeply moisturizing thanks to quick absorption
• The protective, nourishing activity is reinforced by two oils: Buriti oil from Brazil, which provides antioxidant and moisturizing virtues to fight against free-radical-related damages, and olive oil, a source of polyphenols and vitamin E
• HYDRIOL PGLO 4 is non-irritant for the skin and very little irritant for the eyes, which makes the oil gentle for the face
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Mibelle Biochemistry

Essential Formula with CM-Glucan Forte.
Our current lifestyle has a negative impact on our immune system’s ability to differentiate problematic from harmless environmental compounds. As a result, the skin may overreact to innocuous foreign substances.
CM-Glucan Forte, a patented active obtained from baker’s yeast-derived D-Glucan, helps address this problem and balance the skin’s immune system by making it correctly react to external stimuli.
Tested on atopic skins with eczema, CM-Glucan Forte reinforces their barrier function, soothes and relieves them right from the first week of use.
To meet sensitive, atopic, and reactive skins’ specific needs, CM-Glucan Forte was formulated in a minimalist emulsion containing only 10 essential ingredients.
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MINIMALYS – Sorbet gel - Anti-photoaging, Soothing
This innovative, both minimalist and generous formula stands out.

Minimalist, this sorbet gel is structured around a heart of highly concentrated actives representing five ingredients – half of the ingredients in the formula.
Generous, it will generously delight your skin with care and sensoriality.
The formula is designed to prevent and repair the accumulation of photo-induced damage your skin puts up with on a daily basis (UV rays, blue light).
In the morning, it provides protection from the light with EliorelysTM, its anti-photoaging active derived from fresh cherry tree flowers from the French region of Lubéron – clinically proven activity.
Both generous and light, its texture offers your face a surprising sensation of freshness and protection, without any oily effect.
At night, the formula wraps your skin in a comfy cloud thanks to the actives’ soothing properties and the floral, powdery notes. As you delicately massage your face, its melting micro-pearls are unveiled and leave a silky veil on your skin as a memory of this sensorial journey.
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Unique natural key component:

• Lift Oléoactif®, eco-designed and developed with patented green technology Oléo-eco-extraction, o-Bio-compatibility with the upper skin layers, multi-lifting efficacy proven by clinical tests
Thanks to the composition and rejuvenating properties of the emollients, Camellia oil and Ethylhexyl Olivate, Lift Diamond Mask looks elegant, is easy to apply and spread, and offers a particular texture for a unique sensation on the skin.
If sunlight shines on Lift Diamond Mask, a holographic effect appears and beautifies the skin, making it look younger, softer, smoother, and firmer in no time.
The in vivo clinical test highlights an instantaneous moisturizing effect of Lift Diamond Mask higher than 50% on average.
Test conditions:
• Skin surface: 4x7 cm
• Product application: 5 mg/cm  2
Apply and leave on skin for 20 minutes, then rinse off application area with water for 10 seconds.
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Glam & Green Nourishing Lip oil.
Discover Glam & Green, an incredibly nourishing lip oil with no sticky effect.
Clean and responsible, this formula with soft cherry notes is composed of exclusively natural ingredients.

The wrapping texture of Glam & Green will leave an all transparent, delicately coloured glossy film on your lips for an intense comfort sensation.
A pure concentrate of skincare and natural beauty!


Discover this comprehensively innovative, ultra-fluid mist formulated with only 10 INCI ingredients.
• Technique: it was developed with a smart complex, PRODHYFLUID®, specially designed for ultra-fluid emulsions (wipes, sprays, milks…), and which instantaneously emulsifies in water. As a clever combination, it helps overcome the usual difficulties with this type of emulsions and the products obtained are stable over time, whatever the temperature. PEG-free, liquid, and usable at cold temperatures, PRODHYFLUID® meets market needs and is developed based on an eco-responsible approach.
• Sensoriality and performance: more than a simple mist, its aqueous skin feel turns into a velvety, silky finish and leaves the skin supple and comfortably nourished.
It provides immediate exceptional hydration (+73% up to 2h – Corneometer) and the skin remains hydrated for long (+29% after 8h – Corneometer).
When 10 INCI names rhyme with technicity, pleasure, and performance, just do not hesitate!
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This Primer is the base of an optimum Face Care routine, the foundation of a balanced skin. It may be applied on all skin types, in all seasons, and before any cosmetic formula, thanks to its very light, non-sticky texture which quickly penetrates and leaves a soft, comfortable sensation.
Triple Action Concept:
• Hydration homeostasis thanks to Gamma-MAX, an innovative, natural biopolymer with a high PM and much higher hydration efficacy than hyaluronic acid (HA), and which also protects and stabilizes our endogenous HA
• Barrier homeostasis thanks to HydraSynol DOI, maintenance of the osmotic balance by stimulating key markers, reinforcement and optimization of the skin barrier architecture
• pH homeostasis, natural buffer effect with the natural acid pectin that stabilizes the skin’s pH to its ideal level
Consumer desirability: this oil-free, emulsifier-free, preservative-free formula efficiently enhances the skin barrier’s natural functions and supports the anti-aging pathways for a skin in perfect harmony.
Sustainable development: excellent biodegradability of all the ingredients exempt from micro-liquid plastics, cold production process
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Roelmi HPC

Light powder foundation that can be used with a dry or humid sponge for high coverage control. This product evens out skin texture and provides softness. The formula contains CELUS BI®FEEL, an ethical alternative to the plastic powders available on the market which offers a soft texture and exceptional skin feel.
CELUS BI®FEEL is a reliable, unique opportunity for leave-on products with a sustainable impact on the environment and biodiversity.
Derived from an environmentally friendly source, CELUS BI®FEEL is a texturing agent innovation which provides high performance compared to its plastic rivals (soft-focus effect, softness and pleasant texture) as well as a sustainable impact on the environment thanks to its biodegradable nature.
SMOOTH FINISH POWDER FOUNDATION is the physical example that sustainability is real.
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