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Adipoless Eco: a natural version of Adipoless by SEPPIC

Adipoless Eco : une version naturelle de l'Adipoless de SEPPIC

Building on the success and effectiveness of Adipoless a silhouette and anti-dark circle active ingredient, Seppic’s cosmetic active ingredient brand, wesource, has developed a new, more natural version: Adipoless Eco. A new ingredient that meets the expectations of consumers looking for more and more naturalness without compromising on performance.

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It is the quinoa that gives Adipoless Eco its double effectiveness on the silhouette and eye contours.
A millennium old plant, known for its many beneficial compounds, this quinoa comes from high quality organic farming. The active ingredient is extracted in a natural solvent (bio-propanediol) and preserved with COSMOS preservatives, offering the skin a double effectiveness.


Anti-adipogenesis slimming action
Adipoless Eco maintains the silhouette by preventing the formation of new fat.
A preventive slimming active ingredient, it controls the number of functional adipocytes:
• The pre-adipocytes are put on a diet (anti-angiogenesis action)
• Fat storage is reduced (anti-differentiation action of the pre-adipocytes)

Anti-dark circles action
Adipoless Eco maintains the freshness of the eyes by reducing the concentration of red blood cells responsible for the colour of blue circles.
External attacks have less impact on the eye contour: the resistance of the capillaries is reinforced and the elasticity of the skin is preserved.

Proven efficacy

Action on silhouette

• Reduces neo-vascularisation (-90%)
• Inhibits MMP9 (-70%), and thus the recruitment and maturation of pre-adipocytes
• Inhibits pre-adipocyte maturation (-91% differentiation)

• Adipoless ECO prevents the formation of new fat

Action on eye contour
• Strengthens existing blood vessels …

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