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Algae to mimic the caloric restriction process: a new anti-aging cosmetics strategy

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There is a passion going on in the world of cosmetics for micro-organisms and other bacteria, both those that are found in the environment and those that settle in our human bodies. What new actives can they produce? What interactions can we generate with them to design new skin treatments? This was the main theme of the scientific conferences organized for the Jean-Paul Marty Days held in Paris on December 8-9, 2015. And it was an opportunity for Mibelle Biochemistry to introduce a new, absolutely innovative anti-aging cosmetic active derived from snow micro-algae.

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Everyone knows about the advantages of calorie restriction (CR) on life expectancy. This dietary regimen that involves reducing the calorie intake by between 25% and 65%, while maintaining optimal levels of protein, vitamins and minerals, has been demonstrated in a variety of species, such as yeast, apes, worms, dogs, mice and rats, to protect against stress and decelerate the biological aging process resulting in improved health-span and extended lifespan.

Diet and sports: the keys to a long life

At the Cellular Level, CR Activates Detoxification and DNA Repair.
Under the effect of a decrease in the nutrient, there is a decline in glucose and insulin levels, which leads to a downregulation of their receptors, boosting the transcription factors FOXO located downstream the insulin signaling that control the response to different types of stress, regulating the cell cycle and promoting cell survival via DNA damage repair and free radical detoxification in the cells: they are a sort of life expectancy regulators…
FOXO factors are also stimulated by the AMPK enzyme, whose production is facilitated by physical exercise, but which declines with age and the excess of calories.

So, to put things very simply: we should eat little and move a lot, …

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