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Alum stone: the same risks as aluminium salts!

Pierre d'alun : les mêmes risques que les sels d'aluminium

At a time when more and more consumers are looking for alternatives to aluminum salts that make antiperspirant deodorants effective, many are turning to natural solutions, and especially alum stone. Be careful, warn several scientists: just because alum stone (a double salt of aluminium and potassium) is a natural substance does not mean that it does not have the properties of aluminium salts used in cosmetics. Explanations.

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“Deodorant without aluminium salts," as clearly claimed on many cosmetics labels. “WRONG," several researchers, toxicologists, biologists and chemists say. “This claim is misleading!”

“Natural alum stone, it is pure nature in deodorants, and it is harmless,” its proponents say. “The synthetic stone shall be avoided. Further, it does not clog the pores. It regulates sweating. That's all.” “WRONG,” scientists answer. “Being natural does not prevent it to have the same properties as aluminium salts!”

“The alum stone is harmless, thanks to its very stable molecular structure, and it cannot release aluminium that could enter cells,” one can hear. “WRONG,” the researchers reaffirm, while giving details on the chemical processes that support this claim.

Since several years, concerned with the alum stone formula and its aluminium content, CosmeticOBS-L’Observatoire des Cosmetiques suggested to be careful and to apply the principle of precaution. Nevertheless, due to the lack of specific scientific studies on the mechanisms of action of the alum stone and on the possible transcutaneous penetration of the aluminium it contains, it stayed short of saying no to this ingredient.

At least, until now, after the French Pr. Roger Deloncle (Faculty of Pharmacy in Tours), Dr. …

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