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Ayuredi: the new Expanscience holistic active ingredient

Ayuredi : le nouvel actif holistique d'Expanscience

Extracted from holy basil leaves sourced in Thailand, this new active ingredient from Expancience, rich in polyphenols, claims a 360° action, at the same time anti-exposure (psychological and environmental stresses), anti-wrinkle and firming, skin radiance. With a holistic promise inspired by Ayurveda: serene aging.

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Sourced by Expanscience in Thailand, in the Chiang Mai region (north of Thailand), holy basil, commonly known as Tulsi, is a well-known plant used in Ayurvedic medicine. Acting as an adaptogenic plant, it is considered a true “elixir of life”.
Ayuredi® is an extract of this holy basil, rich in polyphenols, which protects the skin against daily aggressions (both environmental and psychological) to restore skin balance and regain a serene skin.

Protects the skin from oxidative stress

• Under cortisol stress, Ayuredi® (0.4%) protects from skin damages (Nitric oxide: -89%)
• Under pollution stress, Ayuredi® (0.08%) preserves the hydrolipidic film to maintain a healthy skin barrierfunction (lipid peroxidation: -46% on keratinocytes), -27% on fibriblasts

Results in vivo*
Wrinkles are visibly reduced (crow’s feet wrinkles analyzed by topography). After 8 weeks:
• Area (mm²): -13%
• Length (mm): -14%

Protects & restores dermal matrix

On a bioalternative inflamm’ageing model (PMA stress) Ayuredi® 3% (topical) vs placebo:
• Decrease of dermal matrix degradation markers (MMP1: -27%, MMP3: -55%)
• Increase of dermis hyaluronic acid synthesis (HAS2 +18%)
• Increase of cell adhesion and dermal structure (DPT +6%)
• Increase of collagen I synthesis (Col1 : +19%)

Results in vivo*
The …

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