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B-Shape, Codif's new anti-puffiness active

B-Shape, le nouvel actif anti-poches de Codif

Extracted by enzymatic treatment from a red algae, B-Shape, Codif’s new active ingredient, activates lipolysis and promotes fat breakdown. It thus attacks both the adipose and aqueous parts of the bags under the eyes to reduce their volume, from the first application and with continuous long-term effects.

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Bags under the eyes are generally associated with fatigue or aging. Several factors can contribute to their appearance:
• Aging: with age, the tissues around the eyes, including the muscles supporting the eyelids, deteriorate, causing the eyelid to distend and sag;
• Fat: the so-called orbital fat, which normally supports the floor of the eye, can accumulate and progress in the lower eyelid, causing an increase in its volume and a pocket effect ;
• Fluids: fluids and more particularly water can accumulate under the lower eyelid, creating a retention puff.

For its new active ingredient, Codif has selected Polysiphonia brodiei, a red alga belonging to the Rhodophyceae class, which is mainly found in Europe from Norway to Portugal.

It is part of an exclusive organic sea cultivation programme. It is cultivated on rope systems immersed in the Rance estuary (Brittany), a unique place where sea and river meet. The seaweed is of organic quality according to the COSMOS standard.
B-Shape is obtained by enzymatic treatment of this seaweed in order to extract mainly sugars and proteins.
The active ingredient is rich in digeneaside, an osmoregulatory molecule naturally synthesised by the algae, which gives it lipolytic properties.

The anti-puffiness …

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