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Bisphenol A: Afssa underlines problems in evaluating endocrine disruptors


The polemic and the various scientific studies published on the dangers of Bisphenol A, in particular concerning fetuses, had led Afssa (French Agency for Health Safety of Foods), on their own initiative, to create input for the dossier by asking their committees of experts to study the subject. The conclusions of this expertise were just made public February 5th.

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 22 février 2010
We awaited the results of this expertise, initially because the presence of Bisphenol in baby bottles raises many concerns, further because this compound makes up a part of the endocrine disruptors , very diverse substances and present in a great number of everyday products…like cosmetics.

We already have underlined in preceding articles on this site the dangers of endocrine disruptors , active in very weak doses , notably for babies. They are suspected to provoke serious malformations and/or dysfunctions of the sexual apparatus and would be responsible also for the significant drop in fertility currently observed in a growing number of Western countries.

The least that we could say today is that the report of Afssa experts is not reassuring. Because at the outset it affirms that nothing permits " challenging  the preceding evaluations of health risk" , which came to the conclusion of an absence of risk, it is above all due to methodological faults of the studies undertaken to date on this subject.

On Effects of Low Doses

The official statement diffused by the Agency does not highlight any less the "subtle effects, observed after an exposure in utero and postnatal to doses inferior to …

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