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Capsuretinol UHC by Ecopol Tech: retinol made safer and more effective!

Capsuretinol UHC d'Ecopol Tech : le rétinol plus sûr et plus efficace !

You dreamed of a more stable, less irritating, more concentrated and more effective retinol? Ecopol Tech has done it! With its microcapsules containing 13% Retinol, Capsuretinol UHC, the Spanish ingredient supplier offers a new solution that is easy to formulate and compatible with aqueous emulsions for all anti-ageing, anti-wrinkle and anti-acne treatments. The highest concentration of Retinol on the market, in the highest safety!

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Retinol is known for its anti-ageing and anti-wrinkle action. But it is also well known to be associated with a number of problems:
• It is a skin irritant at high concentration
• It degrades easily in contact with air, heat or light
• To combat these oxidation phenomena, it is often associated with BHT/BHA, controversial substances, or surrounded by a high dose of polymers that leave residues and a sandy feel on the skin
• The liposomes that can encapsulate it offer little protection against oxidation and can only contain a limited amount of it…

Ecopol Tech solution

To overcome these obstacles, Ecopol Tech has designed Capsuretinol UHC, a water-based emulsion of polyurethanepolyurea microcapsules containing 13% all-trans retinol, obtained by interfacial polymerisation.

Formulation benefits
This process offers many benefits in formulation:
• It has a remarkable stability against oxidation (95% after five months at 40°C)
• It is compatible with water-based formulations
• It maintains the rheology and viscosity of the formula
• It is easy to formulate (no need for surfactants, less incompatibility with other cosmetic ingredients)
• Its yellow colour is less intense than that of free retinol
• It allows a higher percentage of retinol to …

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