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CeraFluid by Roelmi HPC: the active ingredient architect of the skin

CeraFluid de Roelmi HPC : l'actif architecte de la peau

CeraFluid is an innovation from Roelmi HPC R&D laboratories in light of sustainable active ingredients for cosmetic applications. This antiaging fluid Ceramide-NP is conveyed into a matrix of non-edible olive fractions (from circular economy). Showing better performances to standard Ceramide, it can be used in formulas for dry and damaged skins and for anti-aging effect.

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Dry and very dry skins progressively form wrinkles, distending the junctions between skin cells. Ceramides provide improved adhesion among corneocytes, thus regulating skin barrier for water retention, and protecting it from external environment. Ceramides help the cells to stay closer and stronger to each other, reducing the water loss damages and showing a positive influence on cells’ physiology.

CeraFluid elements reinforce the horny layer skin wall to retain moisture within the skin, keeping it moisturized all the time. Increased skin-compatibility and penetration of the synergy olive glycerides-ceramides improves bioavailability to deliver faster moisturizing effects deeper into the skin.
CeraFluid is very easy to formulate (incorporate in oil phase for normal process). It could be easily incorporated into Natural formulations as it is fluid at 40°C. CeraFluid diminishes in vivo the appearance of wrinkles and improves skin elasticity as well as skin smoothness.


CeraFluid was tested in vitro on the barrier effect against environmental pollutants, and demonstrated:
• A protective activity towards urban dust aggression, showing a cell viability significantly higher than CTR+ (+46.5%)
• A protective potential against toxic effect of urban dust, being effective in the protection against oxidative stress induced by polluting agents (-46.1% vs CTR+)

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