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Cosmetagora 2020 winners

Les lauréats de Cosmetagora 2020

The 12th edition of Cosmetagora, organized by the French Society of Cosmetology, took place on 14 and January 2020. In addition to being able to present their latest cosmetic innovations, exhibitors can take part in the “Prix de la Formulation”, an opportunity to distinguish themselves to visitors.

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For the past six years, the SFC has been organizing the Formulation Prize on the sidelines of the show. Thus, manufacturers of raw materials are free to put their active ingredients into action in innovative formulas.
This year, the theme of the competition was “They are 20 years old in 2020 and they are looking for formulas in their image! What do you have to offer them to meet their expectations and concerns?”
The jury composed of members of the SFC rewarded three companies and let cosmetics students present the “Jury’s Favourite” award. Here is the list of winners as well as the pitch of the winning formulas.

1st prize - Sensient Gentle creamy remover
Because Generation Z wants to discover, try, play, share and impress, Sensient has developed the Gentle creamy remover formula to meet their expectations. This odourless creamy remover will allow you to change the colour of your nail polish throughout the day, depending on your mood! Its surprising creamy texture and odourless formula allows for regular use.
It is a nomadic format that will quickly find its place in your handbag. You can now remove your varnish everywhere without the risk of spilling your nail polish …

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