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Emulium® Dolcea MB by Gattefossé: the emulsifier of the next generation of natural cosmetics

Emulium® Dolcea MB de Gattefossé : l'émulsifiant de la prochaine génération des cosmétiques naturels

Among Gattefossé’s latest developments, Emulium® Dolcea MB is the most advanced and robust O/W emulsifier in its natural range. Its composition has been tuned to provide the best performance with natural gelling agents and emollients. It creates extremely stable emulsions, with soft white textures and immediate and long-lasting moisturising power, and makes the work of natural product formulators much easier.

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It is not news that natural skincare has gone mainstream but consumer requirements have further increased. It is no longer enough to be just naturally derived; cosmetics today should be biodegradable, sustainably and responsibly sourced, certifiable, vegan and perfectly stable over a large range of temperatures. Formulating stable and sensorially pleasing cosmetics using only natural and biodegradable ingredients is not an easy task. In particular, natural gelling agents, mostly polysaccharides, are less stabilizing than synthetic gels, especially under heat stress. The path to emulsion stability is difficult and time-consuming and involves discovery of an optimal combination of oil and aqueous based thickeners. Yet formulators are increasingly challenged by short development times.
From this observation, Gattefossé has developed Emulium® Dolcea MB, the most robust of its range of natural O/W emulsifiers. Its composition has been tuned to provide the best performance/stability/sensory ratio. It is easy to use, quick to emulsify and stabilizes within minutes. It forms soft, highly moisturizing textures that are guaranteed to delight the consumer.

A fine-tuned composition

Every component of Emulium® Dolcea MB plays a critical role to ensure stability and impact to the final emulsion:
Emulsification: Sodium Stearoyl Glutamate (SSG) is used as a strong …

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