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Essential oils in infraction

Contrôle DGCCRF sur les huiles essentielles

The DGCCRF (French Competition, Consumer Affairs and Fraud Control Directorate General) has put its nose into essential oils. The results of its investigation, published on its website on April 23, 2014: labelling rules not respected, no indication of the destination of the products, and, in the end, 81% of infringements! This can lead to risks for consumers.

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The purpose of this recent DGCCRF investigation was to verify the presentation, labelling, nature and use of essential oils placed on the market for cosmetic purposes. 659 control actions were carried out in 33 French departments and 206 establishments were visited.
Results: The overall rate of infringements detected was 81%. Of the 44 samples analyzed, only one was found to be compliant.

“Essential oils can be used for several purposes and in different ways depending on their nature (cosmetic, food, biocide…). But many professionals do not choose any destination for this product,” says the DGCCRF. “In the absence of any indication of their function, many essential oils are presented without the mandatory information inherent in each applicable regulation”.

In addition, multiple references to medical, therapeutic, preventive or curative properties have been found on the labelling or advertising of controlled oils. Many oils with claims that confer drug status are marketed outside the pharmaceutical circuit. And without, of course, meeting the regulatory requirements for drug status either.
This survey also showed that, in most cases, these products are accompanied by a booklet mentioning all the possible uses of essential oils… leaving it to the consumer to discover for himself the use …

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