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Hebelys : new 'mature skin' ingredient from Greentech

Hebelys : nouvel ingrédient ‘peau mature” de Greentech

Greentech Laboratories, in association with Deinove, are positioning themselves in the “ageing well” segment. Convinced that “positive ageing” is tomorrow’s trend, the teams of these two companies have developed an active ingredient for mature skin to restore the integrity of the dermis, limit cellular senescence but also help improve self-esteem.

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Today, beauty professionals are looking to adopt a more positive posture on the anti-ageing axis.
“We’re positioning ourselves as a pioneer in the field of ageing well,” explains Greentech. “We are leading a conceptual revolution by developing our new active ingredient, Hebelys, with Deinove. This ingredient is based on a psychobiological approach and dedicated to mature skin. In addition to the biological alterations that ageing induces, it has a negative effect on mood and self-esteem. The preservation of the body image associated with beauty and femininity seems to be an important element in any woman who is advancing in age.”

Greentech and Deinove looked in a fermented extract of Sphingomonas hydrophobicum. This micro-organism, originating from the natural basin of the Silver Coast in Aquitaine, has the ability to use a wide range of organic compounds and to survive in a stressful environment.
“We have optimized production and extraction methods to take advantage of these natural mechanisms to revitalize skin architecture and mitigate the effects of time by playing on key biological targets,” says Greentech.

Preventing skin senescence

Skin ageing is a natural and physiological phenomenon through the arrest of the cell cycle.
It is also induced by external stimuli such …

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