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How to use flower waters


They may be the basis of a cosmetic product; further, they may be used as such to freshen or as make-up removers. Flower waters are mainly water, but with additional properties making them a true active ingredient.

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Flower waters are the condensed water recovered from the distillation of essential oils.

They may be used instead of water, which is an important ingredient by percentage in creams, shampoos, even more in lotions.
Atop their cosmetic proprieties, flower waters are useful, and used, to increase the percentage of organic ingredients in a product. Indeed, if water by itself cannot be considered as organic (it has not been produced as per the organic agriculture requirements), the same cannot be said about flower waters … Then it is easy to come from a "10% of organic ingredients" to "25 or 30%", much easier to market!

Fresh and perfumed by nature, flower waters carry very small amounts of the properties of the plants (flowers, but also leaves, branches, duds …) they come from. By the way, which one is the most convenient for you, may be the most efficient for your skin? Try to know them better, for a more suitable result …

Balmint ( INCI : Melissa Officinalis Flower/Leaf/Stem Water)
• Soothing
Recommended for : sensitive skins care

Camomile ( INCI: Chamomilla Recutita Flower Water)
• Soothing
Recommended for : dry, irritated, sensitive skins, red, tired or irritated eyes care

Cornflower …

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