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iPeptide by Lipotrue: the active ingredient that awakens the eye contour area

iPeptide de Lipotrue : l'actif qui réveille le contour des yeux

In a webinar broadcast on 6 October 2020, Silvia Pastor presented iPeptide, the latest launch of Lipotrue. It is a peptide specifically designed for the eye contour area, targeting signs of fatigue due to lack of sleep. A launch that is more topical than ever, as sleep quality problems have only increased in this period of health crisis around the world.

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Stress, jet lag, worries… are well-known causes of poor sleep. And the Covid-19 pandemic, the health crisis, lockdowns or curfew measures, and the anxiety-provoking climate they generate, have only amplified their effects on the quality of our nights.
“But science has answers to almost every question,” said Silvia Pastor, “and Lipotrue offers a solution for ‘biohacking’ a good sleep, i.e. regaining control of our biological state in order to improve it. This is already the case when we use a dawn alarm clock to increase cortisol levels and wake up gently in the morning, or when we take melatonin-based food supplements to help us fall asleep in the evening…”

The effects of poor sleep on the eye contour area

It is estimated that the optimal sleep time for adults is 7 to 9 hours each day: recent surveys in the United States indicate that, on average, they sleep only 6 to 8 hours. Only 49% of them feel they sleep well, and only 38% wake up feeling rested.
The Covid-19 context has not helped: 53% of adults report that they have slept less since the beginning of the crisis, 67% that their sleep was better before the lockdown, 98% that …

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