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K-phyto™ [SC] Givaudan's Camellia: the power of stem cells against scalp dryness

K-phyto™ [SC] Camellia de Givaudan : la puissance des cellules souches contre la sécheresse du cuir chevelu

Developed by green biotechnology, this new Givaudan Active Beauty active ingredient offers a holistic action to combat dry scalp and its uncomfortable and/or unsightly consequences: it moisturises, reduces erythema, dead cells and dandruff, soothes, and is effective from the very first use.

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Dry scalp is a common issue, which may be triggered by various causes, such as cold or dry air, changes of temperature, ageing, or even misuse of cosmetics products (possible reaction to a shampoo, styling gel or hairspray). This results in a lack of moisture, irritation of the scalp with erythema, and appearance of flakes, due to the dead skin cells shedding off too quickly.
People suffering from dry scalp may thus endure personal discomfort (itchy scalp, dysfunction of skin barrier leading to dehydration and increased sensitivity to external factors) and unsightly consequences (dry flakes, lack of hair shininess…), endangering their self-confidence.

Camellia Japonica: a traditional remedy

Camellia is a native plant to Eastern Asia (China, Japan, Korea). While it is loved for its red flowers blooming during winter, it has been traditionally used as a traditional medicine in Asian countries for its action scalp care and hair conditioning properties, as it is also known as Tsubaki. Bio FD&C teams, with a unique and advanced know-how in green biotechnology, worked in an exclusive partnership with Givaudan Active Beauty to source Camellia in the famous Jeju island, at the south of the Korean peninsula.
From this iconic plant, Bio FD&C researchers …

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