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Kannabia Sense: the cosmetic microbiota whisperer

Kannabia Sense : l'actif cosmétique qui murmure à l'oreille du microbiote

Kannabia SensePLF is a new cosmetic active ingredient in Vytrus Biotech portfolio, an innovative prebiotic treatment that stimulates the skin microbiota to produce an in-situ postbiotic cocktail that stimulates the synthesis of cutaneous oxytocin. The oxytocin generated in the keratinocytes connects with the sensory neurons and communicates with the brain turning into a well-being response that ends up in a healthier, stronger and prettier appearance. An overview of this new active ingredient, by Òscar Expósito, Alejandro Guirado and Raúl Vallecillo, of Vytrus Biotech.

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The skin is described to be linked to the nervous system since its embryonic development1. Cutaneous cells can synthesize a plethora of endocrine neurochemicals like dopamine, oxytocin, endorphins, serotonin, adrenaline2-7 that play a key role in the body sensory abilities. Based on previous studies, it is possible to state that there is a skin-brain connection that plays an important role in the sensorial perception of the body, defining the skin as a “third brain”, having been considered the digestive system as the “second brain”.

In the skin-brain axis, it is essential to consider the role of the microbiota which has a huge metabolic potential and helps our skin cells to perceive and manage information that comes from the environment and within the body (Fig. 1).

Fig 1 - Microbiota-Skin-Brain Axis

The microbiota can secrete an in-situ postbiotic with an immediate effect on our skin, modulating the brain response. This will be widely explained on this article, analysing the different responses and opening great advances in the field of the microbiota and neuro-cosmetics.

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Kannabia SensePLF stimulates the skin microbiota to produce an in-situ postbiotic which boosts the synthesis of …

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