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Lipoid Kosmetik Water Lily Pro: for perfect hair volume

Water Lily Pro de Lipoid Kosmetik : pour des cheveux au volume parfait

Lipoid Kosmetik’s latest active ingredient, Water Lily Pro, is a natural COSMOS-approved extract from water lily roots. The underwater root systems of water lilies produce a unique combination of phytochemicals: cleansing saponins, antioxidant flavonoids and keratin-strengthening tannins, which are a perfect combination for the daily hair care routine.

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Water lilies originate from the water and symbolize beauty, purity and resurrection. The flowers are predominately visible above water and are seemingly the most attractive part of the plant. A closer look, however, uncovers that water lilies are exceptional underwater factories of phytochemicals. Their long and branched root system produces a unique combination of phytochemicals - all functional additives for hair care products.

A phytochemical concentrate for hair

Water lily roots store a unique combination of:
• Saponins, for cleansing and conditioning, lower surface tension and increase the wettability of hair, making it more accessible to active ingredients in shampoos and conditioners
• Flavonoids, for strenght, repair damaged hair by crosslinking keratin fibers
• Tannins, for protection, prevent oxidative damage of hair fibres, pigments and color

To optimize the extraction of phytochemicals from water lily roots, Lipoid Kosmetik tested various extraction systems to obtain a maximum of beneficial substances for hair treatment. A propylene glycolic-aqueous extraction was proven the most efficient, resulted in a high amount of saponins, polyphenols and tannins and showed the highest antioxidative power of all extraction systems tested.

Hair care benefits

Water Lily Pro is suitable for hair care applications with cleansing, strengthening and protective effects. …

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