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Lumipod by SEPPIC, the melanin activator for naturally tanned skin

Lumipod de SEPPIC, l'activateur de mélanine pour une peau bronzée naturellement

How to get a tan and look good without exposing yourself to the sun (and its harmful effects on the skin?). During a webinar on 28 April 2021, SEPPIC presented the latest addition to WeSource, the flagship of its cosmetic actives: Lumipod. This pro-pigmenting lipoamino-acid activates the synthesis of melanin, with significant, rapid… and long-lasting results.

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Lumipod comes from plant chemistry, which covers two types of chemistry, that of sugars and that of aminovectors (or lipoamino acids, which combine an amino acid and a fatty chain and act as vectors to carry the amino-acid to its target).
“This technology is not new but it is extremely efficient and well mastered by our teams, and we think it is important to continue to work in this direction which opens up very interesting horizons in terms of biological properties,” explained Anne-Sophie Dutailly, WeSource Product Manager.

Lumipod is therefore an aminovector with pro-pigmenting activity, which will target melanin synthesis within the skin.

The market need

Even today, tanned skin is for many people synonymous with holidays, well-being, health and even youth. But we are also all aware of the damage caused by overexposure to the sun.
SEPPIC has therefore developed this active ingredient to solve this squaring of the circle. Capable of boosting melanin (a natural protector against the sun) from within the skin, it will enable you to reduce the time you are exposed to the sun while maintaining the same level of tanning, and to easily obtain a beautiful tanned complexion.

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