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Mangixyl by Givaudan: a natural sebum harmoniser

Mangixyl de Givaudan : un régulateur naturel du sébum

Mangixyl is an active ingredient discovered by Givaudan during the fractionation of mango leaves from responsible, traceable and sustainable sourcing in Burkina Faso. It decreases lipid synthesis on all skin types, is effective on acne-prone skin and scalp sebum regulation, while balancing the microbiome.

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Sebum is a sophisticated oily complex made up of several classes of lipids: triglycerides, free fatty acids, wax and esters and squalene which are secreted by the sebaceous glands attached to the hair follicles.
Essential to the health of our skin, sebum has key benefits:
• It contributes to the hydration of the epidermis
• It contributes to the suppleness and softness of the epidermis
• It balances the skin microflora

An overexpression of sebum makes the skin appear greasy and promotes the development of blackheads or pimples. Oily skin can also lead to the development of a prone to acne condition.
An important quantity of lipids on the skin creates shininess, which causes aesthetic discomfort, generating a possible loss of self-confidence and social isolation. 70% of consumers are bothered by their oily skin in their daily life.
To fight against the visible appearance of oily skin, applying mattifying powders in order to adsorb sebum is a solution but it requires many applications during the day, and the amount of product to apply is often visible on the face.

The biological pathways of sebum production is modulated in sebocytes through several nuclear receptors families such as PPARs, and retinoids specific …

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