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Marked skin due to lack of sleep? Mibelle Biochemistry has the solution

Peau marquée à cause du manque de sommeil ? Mibelle Biochemistry a la solution

The signs of the times do not only appear with age. Lifestyle, oxidative stress, diet and lack of sleep are all factors that accelerate skin aging. The cosmetic ingredient supplier Mibelle Biochemistry has just launched an active ingredient that fights precisely against the effects of lack of sleep on the skin. The promise? Revitalize skin marked by a stressful lifestyle and short nights.

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“Currently, many people do not achieve the recommended sleep time of seven to nine hours per night. A stressful life, stress and short nights affect the rest that the body needs. In addition to the visible signs of fatigue, lack of sleep is also a factor in aging: it alters the folding of proteins that can no longer fulfill their role. As they accumulate, these inactive proteins cause stress in the endoplasmic reticulum (ER), which is responsible for protein production. In addition, lack of sleep reduces the production of ATP, an energy essential for protein formation and many other cellular processes,” explains Mibelle Biochemistry.

How to stop the problem?

Sleeping better and more is of course the ideal solution to get a fresh complexion when you wake up.
For all those who suffer from sleep problems, cosmetics is there.
“For a protein to be functional, it must take a precise 3D shape: this is called protein folding. This process takes place at the endoplasmic reticulum level and requires the intervention of helping proteins, called chaperones,” adds the ingredient supplier.

Mibelle Biocjemistry therefore worked to create an asset, IceAwakeTM, formulated based on a bacterium discovered in layers of glacier soil (accessible …

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