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Number 6: the 6th Expanscience ingredient derived from avocado

Number 6 : le 6e ingrédient issu de l'avocat d'Expanscience

In line with its eco-socio-design approach and the promotion of all downgraded avocado co-products, Expanscience presents Number 6, the 6th ingredient in its catalogue resulting from avocado upcycling. An objectively proven active ingredient to combat signs of fatigue, awaken the complexion and reduce dark circles and puffiness, a remedy for difficult nights that restores the skin’s radiance and vitality.

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Restless sleep, stress, hectic lifestyle, ageing… Many factors cause puffiness, dark circles and other imperfections to appear on the fragile eye contour area. The eyes lack freshness, the complexion looks tired.
Number 6, a concentrate of avocado polyphenols, awakens the eyes thanks to its anti-dark circles and anti-puffiness properties by acting on microcirculation, pigmentation and swelling. It unifies the complexion and gives it a natural “glow”:
• It acts on the microcirculation by inhibiting the synthesis of inflammation markers and by limiting the formation of oedemas under the eyes
• It regulates pigmentation by modulating the production of tyrosinase and melanin
• It reduces fat deposits under the eyes by stimulating lipolysis and reducing the size of adipocytes

In-vitro efficacy

Inflammation modulator and decongestant

On keratinocytes stressed by PMA then incubated for 24 hours with Number 6 at 1%, the active inhibits the synthesis of PGE2 (-93%) and IL8 (-73%) and stimulates the activity of ACE (Angiotensin Converting Enzyme), a powerful vasoconstrictor of endothelial cells (+112% with Number 6 at 0.1% - +141% with Number 6 at 0.5% in 24 hours).
Thus, by modulating the inflammation of the vessels and decongesting the eye contour area, Number 6 improves microcirculation and …

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