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Phenoxyethanol, Methylene di-t-butylcresol...: RAC concludes on a harmonised classification

Phenoxyethanol, Methylene di-t-butylcresol... : Opinions du RAC sur une classification harmonisée

ECHA (European Chemicals Agency) has just announced that its Risk Assessment Committee (RAC) has concluded on the harmonised classification of 10 substances. Among them, four (including phenoxyethanol) may be used in cosmetic products, and one (Methylene di-t-butylcresol) is subject to a classification as CMR (Repr. 1B) due to its effects on fertility that eventually may lead to a ban on its use in cosmetic products.

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The RAC, whose scientific opinions form the basis for regulatory decisions taken by the European Commission for chemicals, has adopted opinions on a harmonised classification of 10 substances, described as used in biocides, pesticides or industrial chemicals. But four of them are also listed in the European Glossary of Cosmetic Ingredients or in the CosIng database.


Chemical name: 2-phenoxyethanol - CAS: 122-99-6 - EC: 204-589-7
The substance has an existing entry in Annex VI to the CLP Regulation for acute oral toxicity (Acute Tox. 4*, minimum classification) and for eye irritation (Eye Irrit. 2).
RAC agreed to the proposal by the United Kingdom to classify 2-phenoxyethanol as harmful if swallowed (Acute Tox. 4) with an acute toxicity estimate (ATE; oral) of 1 394 mg/kg bw to classify and label mixtures containing the substance and as a substance that causes serious eye damage (Eye Dam. 1) and may cause respiratory tract irritation (STOT SE 3).
Phenoxyethanol is included in Annex V (preservatives) of Cosmetics Regulation 1223/2009.

Methylene Di-T-Butylcresol

Chemical name: 6,6’-di-tert-Butyl-2,2’-methylenedi-p-cresol - CAS: 119-47-1 - EC: 204-327-1
The substance has no existing entry in Annex VI to the CLP Regulation.
RAC agreed to the proposal by Denmark to classify 6,6’-di-tert-Butyl-2,2’-methylenedi-p-cresol …

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