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preBiulin Oral by Gobiotics: the active ingredient that protects teeth and health

preBiulin Oral de Gobiotics : l'actif protecteur des dents et de la santé

Consisting of natural polysaccharides derived from chicory and sugar cane, Gobiotics’ latest active ingredient, preBiulin Oral, is a complete oral hygiene agent, and by extension, a protector of overall health. It works by strengthening and protecting the balance of the mouth’s microbiome against all the daily aggressions.

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Microbiome, teeth and health

The first microorganism to colonize and to protect our mouth is Streptococcus salivarius. This bacteria protects us in endless ways for the rest of our entire life. As soon as the teeth appear S mutans and S sanguis colonizes the hard surface. Finally, approximately 700 species, inhabit the mouth at a neutral pH. All together they maintain our health. The S salivarius controls and restores the balance where necessary.

Tooth decay

As long as this immense community is balanced, the teeth and our general health is guaranteed. Unhealthy habits such as the consumption of glucose, alcohol and soda disrupt this balance. S mutans transforms glucose into plaque and acids. The plaque is an ideal habitat for acidproducing bacteria. These acids then destroy the enamel of teeth and bring the oral microbiome out of balance. The oral microbiome loses its protective power: the unprotected teeth decay.

General health

The mouth is the gate of our body. Inhaled air and consumed food are potential dangers containing pathogens. A healthy and balanced oral microbiota is an efficient gate keeper for our teeth, gums and our entire body. Chronical diseases and high blood pressure are associated with an unbalanced oral …

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