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PrincipHYAL® Aurora by Roelmi HPC: a new day for new skin

PrincipHYAL® Aurora de Roelmi HPC : un jour nouveau pour une nouvelle peau

Throughout evolution, our skin has learned to perceive a state of stress when recognizing by-products of attacked skin components. One of the major activating signals is therefore the degradation of the large hyaluronic acid molecules in much smaller ones. PrincipHYAL® Aurora reproduces a stressed environment which activates a precise skin answer to give it a younger, healthier and tonified aspect.

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Keratinocytes take about 28 days to differentiate and migrate from the lower part of the epidermis to the upper part (stratum corneum) to become corneocytes which are then exfoliated. With chronoaging, this cycle slows down and the regeneration of collagen, elastin and hyaluronic acid becomes more difficult. Results: the skin loses thickness, volume, elasticity and cohesion, making it less compact and weakening the barrier function.
Roelmi HPC has developed PrincipHYAL® Aurora, a biotechnological active ingredient that targets skin regeneration. It is a sodium hyaluronate 2.0 with a very low molecular weight, designed to reach the perfect balance between skin penetration and skin activation, by binding irreversibly to CD44 receptors in the skin cell membrane to induce reactivation of intracellular metabolism and help combat environmental stress, through mitosis and cell proliferation.

Cosmetic benefits

PrincipHYAL® Aurora optimizes skin regeneration and cohesion through:
• A proliferation of cells synthesizing skin essential components
• A stimulation of skin reparative processes
• An improvement of global epidermis health

It improves the appearance of stressed skin by providing: • A fresher look
• A better skin, more compact
• A healthier, more hydrated skin
• A skin with better resistance to mechanic actions (such as shaving) …

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