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Roelmi HPC Cytofruit Waters: waters that are more than water

Les Cytofruit Waters de Roelmi HPC : des eaux qui sont plus que de l'eau

Water is Life. This main component of our body (up to 65% in weight) is also the main base of numerous cosmetic products. Some creams or toning lotions are even made up to 80% of water, as this essential ingredient helps us to keep our skin moisturized. But did you know that a biologically based water could show better physiological potential to our skin, and help it to stay healthy, young and beautiful? Proof with Roelmi HPC’s Cytofruit Waters.

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Over the years, Roelmi HPC have built a strong partnership with a Southern-Italy-based producer of organic fruit concentrates and juices with major emphasis on local sourcing. Its strategic position gives access to high-quality organic fruit from the South of Italy, a region characterized by a specific microclimate with warm and sunny days as well as waterfalls suitable to agriculture. The production process of juices and concentrates involves only physical methods.
After squeezing the fruit, the juices are then concentrated under vacuum with moderate heating thus producing delicious rich food-grade juices.

The result is Cytofruit® Waters, a cosmetic active ingredient still rich in the phytochemicals characteristic of the native fruit, such as “oligoelements” (e.g. Magnesium, Iron and Zinc, amongst others) and molecules, like “antioxidants”, that can still function as precious active ingredients for the skin.
In this regard, not only they can replace the water used in the formulation process with an alternative sustainable source, but also, they contribute to the overall efficacy of the cosmetic product boosting the activity of other ingredients with the same claims.
Cytofruit® Waters is very rich in mineral composition that limits the osmotic phenomen and in general contributes to achieve cellular homeostasis.

Cytofruit® Waters in …

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