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Senseryn by Provital: skin and senses connected for well-being

Senseryn de Provital : connecter la peau et les sens pour retrouver le bien-être

Senseryn is a natural active ingredient made from hops, which was created by Provital as a result of desire to improve the quality of life of people with sensitive and reactive skin. In order to provide them with a specific solution, Provital adopted a new scientific approach, sensocosmetic, in which our senses take care of our skin so as to enhance its well-being.

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New lifestyle habits, busy schedules and mask-wearing all have an impact on the well-being of an increasing number of people across the globe suffering from sensitive skin. Based on the positive emotions of neuroscience, this new Provital’s active ingredient aims to enhance people’s quality of life, and take care of their well-being for longer, restoring a feeling of calm through their own senses.

Ethical sourcing

Senseryn is a natural active ingredient, COSMOS certified, which calms and protects reactive skin emulating the natural protection of plants, their bitter tastes. Senseryn is made from hops, whose relaxing, antioxidant and antibacterial properties help create safe beauty products.

Furthermore, aware of the importance of the sustainability and traceability of the ingredients, Senseryn is ethically sourced from a family-owned local supplier with organic certification located in Lleida (Spain) a few kilometres from Provital to reduce environmental impact in terms of fuel consumption and carbon footprint. A “zero kilometre” supplier with whom Provital shares standards of sustainability, traceability, and biodiversity. Thus, this active ingredient helps support a local family while protecting the environment.


It has been discovered that sensory receptors are also present on skin, so they offer a new approach to solutions for skin …

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