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Sharon Laboratories' preservative-free preservatives

Les conservateurs sans conservateurs de Sharon Laboratories

How can we solve the problem of preserving cosmetic products, when consumers demand clean, natural, transparent formulas… adapted to sensitive skin? Many ingredient suppliers are now working to find this quadrature of the circle. During a webinar on October 6, 2020, Naanma Eylon presented some solutions proposed by Sharon Laboratories for the preservation of products intended for sensitive skin in the Clean Beauty era.

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Current trends affect all types of cosmetic ingredients, especially preservatives. Some have developed with the movement towards Clean Beauty, others have been reinforced by the Covid-19 crisis. Thus, since the beginning of the pandemic, there has been a certain return of neglected “classic” preservatives (such as parabens) in cleaning products, with many manufacturers needing to develop new products quickly.

Clean Beauty, sensitive skin and Covid-19

“The definitions of Clean Beauty are evolving,” introduced Naanma Eylon. The ‘Free-from’ is still a safe bet in this area, but synthetic ingredients are no longer the main enemy: 50% of consumers define Clean Beauty as being free of toxic ingredients, whether natural or synthetic.”
However, some preservatives remain in the firing line, such as parabens, triclosan or formaldehyde-releasing agents.
But Clean Beauty today goes beyond this simple prism, extending to the transparency of labelling, the absence of allergens or ingredients easily identifiable in INCI lists… Not forgetting the inescapable relationship with health and well-being.

The safety of cosmetic products has also become a particularly trendy claim: 21% of consumers say they are interested in products designed specifically for sensitive skin.
In this context, naturalness is still the key: 25% of facial care users are …

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