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Solabia's 4 active ingredients for adapting to the passing of time

Les 4 actifs de Solabia pour s'adapter au temps qui passe

With age, the skin evolves and undergoes more or less visible changes that affect self-perception and well-being. At each stage of life, there are upheavals that need to be taken into account in order to adapt to this evolution in a perpetual quest for well-being and, by extension, for ageing well. The Solabia Group’s research has taken an interest in these changes by looking at the cellular biology processes of each stage of ageing and proposes four dedicated active ingredients.

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Solabia has targeted two main groups.
• Working women and men aged 35-45, mainly with children at home, facing busy days and feeling that something has changed for their skin and that they no longer look their age. Their skin problems: signs of fatigue, a duller complexion and the first wrinkles giving a rough appearance.
The mantra for them: Act before it’s too late!
• Experienced women in their 50s and 60s who are going through the menopause and accelerated skin ageing with low self-esteem. Their skin problems: dehydrated, more wrinkled with a loss of firmness, more fragile with sensations of skin discomfort (hypersensitivity, itching, dryness, etc.).
The mantra for them: Sublimate authentic ageing!
Solabia now offers them four dedicated active ingredients.

FucoLife GR: global rejuvenation

The menopause is an obligatory passage for all women and brings with it its share of upheavals. The resulting hormonal fluctuations lead to changes in skin physiology and emotional state, including a deterioration in self-esteem.
FucoLife GR is a low molecular weight polysaccharide (average molecular weight of 11 kDa) obtained by controlled bacterial fermentation from non-GMO plant substrates. It comprises galacturonic acid, L-fucose and D-galactose and is available in powder form (on a non-GMO …

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