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The 2020 Cosmétagora formulas (7)

Les formules de Cosmétagora 2020 (7)

For 12 years now, the month of January has rhymed with Cosmétagora, an event organized by the French Society of Cosmetology. For two days, the top ingredient suppliers meet to present their latest cosmetic active ingredients.

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If Cosmétagora is not only an event focused on innovation but also on inspiration. For the past six years, the SFC has been organizing the Formulation Prize. An opportunity for participants to showcase their raw materials in a finished product, allowing visitors to imagine new cosmetic concepts. The theme of the 2020 edition has put the Millenials in the spotlight.
Here is the exhaustive list of participants, in alphabetical order (from Q to R) and the presentations they made of their candidate formulas.

“Green Styling Gel” is a strong, non-sticky styling gel at fixation that provides curls with support and volume for more natural formulas (95% natural content).
It will appeal to a young generation aware of environmental issues and attentive to high-performance natural products.
This gel made from a natural-source polymer fixant provides at least the same styling performance as synthetic polymers such as acrylate (fixation strong, long-lasting hold, moisture resistance, frizz control, heat resistance if drying or straightening behind) and sensorial (non-sticky, residue-free).
In addition, it offers better performance and better sensoriality (non-sticky, no “film effect”) than natural fixation agents such as xanthan or shellac.

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