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The Givaudan Sericoside: a cellular youth reprogrammer

Le Sericoside de Givaudan : un reprogrammateur de jeunesse cellulaire

Obtained by green fractionation of the root bark of Terminalia sericea, a Tanzanian tree, this active ingredient acts at the genetic level to reprogram the skin cells and “rejuvenate” them. Results: a higher cell replication, a boost in collagen production, an increased firmness and elasticity and a reduction of eye bags and dark circles.

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There are several mechanisms which are affected by cells ageing, the large majority of which starting with a gene control and ending up in a visible skin sign.
The characteristics of skin cells are different depending on age:
• Pluripotent stem cells can turn into different tissues to replace senescent cells; yet, as they age, cells lose this pluripotent capacity and cells regeneration and repair functions slow down
• Neonatal fibroblasts have an amazing vitality and proliferation capacity that starts decreasing with young and mature fibroblasts and ceases when fibroblasts are senescent, meaning that they can no longer replicate and maintain the skin extra cellular matrix
As a result the fibroblasts become nonfunctional and lose their skin remodeling driver role.

Reversing the cellular clock at the gene level

Reprogramming the skin cell’s function from the very beginning is the most effective strategy for cells rejuvenation. There are crucial genes involved in pluripotency and cells reprogramming.
These genes control a global set of biological activities related to skin ageing:
• Cells rejuvenation (COL1A1, CYR61, COL4A1)
• Increased cells proliferation (TGFA, FGF7, IGF1R, IGFBP3)
• Repairing DNA damage (OGG1, XPC, GADD45A, XPA)
Recent discoveries derived from ethnobotany and plants traditional use have …

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