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Zanthalene by Givaudan: the active ingredient that mimics botox

Zanthalene de Givaudan : l'actif qui imite le botox

Givaudan Active Beauty introduces Zanthalene®, a naturally derived “scalable” active ingredient with botox-like efficacy and the ability to modulate skin sensitivity. Obtained by fractionation from Zanthoxylum bungeanum, commonly known as Sichuan pepper, it acts on neuromuscular communication within the structure of the skin, for well-ageing effect and soothing benefits depending on its concentration in the formulas.

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All consumers eventually experience the effects of ageing on the skin, such as wrinkles and sensitivity. However, a large number will not be motivated to reverse these effects through invasive treatments.
According to a Givadan CMI study, 86% of consumers are currently interested in beauty products containing natural ingredients that help soothe skin discomfort while smoothing for a botox-like effect.

Giada Maramaldi, Personal Care Category Manager, Givaudan said: “Each facial expression activates a large number of muscles. With time and the decrease of collagen production, these expressions become even more marked and embedded on the skin, leading to the formation of wrinkles. In order to fight against these effects, Zanthalene® offers a neurocosmetic strategy, enabling facial muscle relaxation in a safe, reversible and natural way, adding a sensation of comfort while removing skin discomfort.”


• Reverses skin ageing effects
• Combats wrinkles
• Calms and soothes skin and scalp discomfort
• Provides immediate relief
• Mimics botox properties
• Provides well-ageing benefits

Crafted from Sichuan pepper, a plant widely used as a spice in Asian cuisine, Zanthalene® is extracted from its fruit husks using super critical CO2. Its efficacy has been proven during several clinical studies:
• At low …

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