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Glass, a cosmetic material

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Mainly made of silica, it can be recycled ad infinitum. Safe, ecological and sophisticated, it is the ideal material of the packaging of our creams, oils, foundations and perfumes. Flash-back to glass, a packaging material for the future.

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Old, though not old-fashioned

While obsidian, a naturally-occurring glass dates back to several hundreds thousands years, the first glass packaging dedicated to cosmetics appears in the Ancient Egypt. Ointments and perfumes were stored in small flasks made of pressed glass, then in small bottles made of blown glass. Old, though not old fashioned, cosmetic glass makes a comeback nowadays: sophisticated jars adapted to the way we apply our cosmetics and ultra trendy bottles with always more innovative silk screens. This is a cutting-edge sector that is interested in the main advantages of glass: its safety for use and its easy recycling, though its cost is higher than plastics’.

Safe and reliable

Glass is a packaging material with many positive points for the consumer. The recent scandals about Bisphenol-A and phthalates used in some plastics had allowed it to come back to the top of the list of materials to use. Contrary to plastics produced by the petro chemical industry, glass is one of the safest packaging, thanks to its natural origin, its air-, light-, cold- and heat-resistance. It is neutral on fragrances. It protects them, is leak-free. It is impervious to the different textures of the cosmetics it may pack. …

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