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Guerlain's Aqua Allegoria fragrance collection becomes refillable and ecodesigned

La collection de parfums Aqua Allegoria de Guerlain devient rechargeable et écoconçue

Formulated exclusively with French organic alcohol, with up to 95% natural ingredients and a new refillable bottle (made in France from recycled glass), Guerlain’s Aqua Allegoria has been completely redesigned with an eco-design approach (content/container). They will become the spearhead of sustainable innovation in perfume for the brand.

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We can’t imagine the number of details that need to be changed when we want to create a perfume bottle that meets the criteria of eco-design. For example, the neck must no longer be welded, but “screwed” manually to be able to easily refill the bottle with a 200 ml refill. The latter benefits from a non-drip system that is compatible with the 75 ml and 125 ml formats (the two capacities of Aqua Allegoria).
The refill is again of a simplified design, in transparent glass with a paper label and a very sober white cap, which favors its recyclability.
The golden decorative elements have been optimized to resist time, etc. The developers must have pulled out their hair, but when your name is Guerlain and you are the king of French perfume, nothing is impossible.
And the brand really knew how to show a faultless thoroughness, both in terms of content and container. The bottle is entirely and exclusively made in France from 15% recycled glass, but above all it has been redesigned to last and be refillable, with the brand’s historical partner (for 170 years), Pochet du Courval.

The formula, of course, is composed with the largest possible …

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