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Serge Lutens' perfume confit

Le confit de parfum de Serge Lutens

Perfume is originally a substance. Serge Lutens reconnects us with this substance and offers us with its three Confits de Parfums a new intimate and sensual gesture to discover other facets of the emblematic fragrances of the Collection Noire. A true perfume ritual that creates an intense fragrant aura!

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Inspired by the North African approach to perfume, which is generous, occupying space and the senses, Serge Lutens delivers an interpretation of the balms and ointments that punctuate beauty rituals, and takes us back to a symbolic gesture, evoking the ceremonial of the hammam.

He imagines a fluid and silky jelly, a sort of “perfume syrup” magnifying the base notes and the poetry of the original fragrance. Three years of research were necessary to obtain this original texture. An innovative, sensorial formula that delivers a radiant scent right to the skin.

For now, three emblematic creations of the Collection Noire can be found: La fille de Berlin (a resinous, sulphurous, embalming rose), Ambre Sultan (a woody vanilla amber) and Chergui (named after the burning desert wind) through this ritual (Collection Noire, Confit de Parfum, 25 ml, €145).
To be applied on the pulse points (hollow of the wrist, neck, back of the ears…).
A hint is enough for an intense fragrance, a more intimate impression, amplified by the warmth of the skin, a trail and a sensuality at the firmament!

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