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The lotion comes with a brand-new face

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Do not mistake it for a common water-based toning lotion. Rich and textured, the care lotion is a true “pre-care”. A new cosmetic way, not-to-be-missed, which deserves to become a beauty custom. 

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Born in Asia

The care lotion is a product that comes from Asia, an area renowned for women being “great believers in skin” and paying a “special attention to care". They practice the “art of layering” (layer after layer of products, up to eight every morning for Japanese women!). Close to a care essence (the first one, Eudermine, has been launched by Shiseido in 1897), it is commonly used for care by Korean and some Chinese females, but the Japanese ones are, by far, its main users. Rightly so.

A full-bodied texture

Contrary to a mere toning lotion, the only role of which is to end face cleansing, the care lotion is already a true care. Its texture is not liquid as water but always high in a “cosmetic material", often jellified. Hyaluronic acid, thanks to its dense and jellified galenic, is THE ingredient of choice (check the list of ingredients INCI: Hyaluronic acid ou Sodium Hyaluronate as, if the lotion contains it, it is far better!)
That is why it can be massaged by your fingertips; it easily enters the epidermis, contrary to a toning lotion that stays at the surface. This latter product, in fact, is …

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