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Zero water waste with Garnier's new leave-in conditioners

Zéro gaspillage d’eau avec les nouveaux après-shampoings sans rinçage de Garnier

It’s so eco-friendly! Garnier’s latest Ultra-Doux leave-in conditioners don’t use water. That’s the most important innovation, but not the only one. Their formula is 88% biodegradable and is made of 98% natural ingredients. Finally, they are packaged in a tube made of cardboard (less 75% plastic). A great first for a consumer brand…

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Garnier is launching Ultra-Doux Leave-In Conditioner (three references: Trésors de Miel for fragile and brittle hair, Huile Merveilleuse with Argan Oil and Camellia for dry and dull hair, Coco & Aloé Vera for all hair types, 200 ml, €4.90, limited editions).

Each tube should save 100 liters of water, according to the brand. Economical, “they represent the equivalent of two bottles of 200 ml conditioner.” First, because their formula is a care concentrate “that offers four times more nutrition after one application.”
Second, because it doesn’t rinse off, we tend to apply much less. All this with formulas composed of 98% of ingredients of natural origin to nourish and detangle the hair, while reducing its water consumption by a lot.

They are also packaged in a more virtuous packaging, with a tube made of cardboard, that is to say less 75% of plastic. And best of all, they save time! So, “because every drop counts, don’t rinse anymore.”

At the same time, Garnier, for the second year in a row, published the results of its annual report, revealing the geographical and generational disparities in terms of ecology within a panel of more than 29.000 people, spread over nine …

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