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Injunction of the ANSM to the company Unilever HPC

Injonction de l'ANSM à la société Unilever HPC

It is because of “non-compliances and significant deficiencies” that the ANSM has just sent to Unilever HPC company a compliance injunction concerning its Le Meux facility. The cause: several deviations relating to compliance with the requirements of ISO 22716 on Good Manufacturing Practices.

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This injunction, dated December 20, 2019, follows an inspection of the ANSM carried out at the premises of this company from April 23 to 25, 2019.

The alleged facts

• Risk of contamination of the products with regard to the organization of the premises and the lack of control of the production environment.
• Lack of control over the control and release of raw materials and packaging items upon receipt.

The injunction

ANSM enjoins Unilever HPC to:
• Implement the work necessary to ensure the definition, separation and maintenance of the zones as well as the maintenance of the equipment, within 9 months
• Implement controls on receipt of packaging items, within 3 months
• Set up appropriate controls on receipt for all raw materials according to defined methods in order to release the raw materials with regard to the defined acceptance criteria, within 3 months

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