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Afssaps prohibits a washing gel for babies

Télécharger le texte intégral de la décision de l'Afssaps

The French health product safety agency had announced the strengthening of its controls on cosmetic products intended for young children. It has just decided on an initial ban because of an incomplete regulatory dossier.

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6 January 2009
The question of the toxicological safety of products intended for young children is regularly, and more and more often, on the front page of the cosmetic news. Following the controversy initiated by a group of doctors, oncologists and directors of health establishments, who denounced last September the"toxic cocktail" which, in their opinion, constitutes the birth kits distributed in the maternity wards to young mothers, the Afssaps had disappointed the population;cidé to reinforce its controls on cosmetics intended for children under 3 years of age, in order, at the time, to specify the agency,"to ensure that the obligations to which those responsible for placing them on the market are indeed respected, in particular as regards safety assessment. This approach primarily concerns birth kits distributed in maternity wards, but is intended to cover other cosmetic products intended for children under 3 years of age.

It is within this framework that Cattier laboratories are now prohibited from manufacturing, packaging, distributing and marketing the foaming hair and body gel in their Baby range.The Afssaps noted in the product dossier the absence of a"safety assessment for human health taking into consideration the general toxicological profile of the ingredients, their chemical structure and their level of exposure as well as the characteristics of the product";The Commission therefore concludes that there is no'specific assessment of the finished product intended for children under three years of age'.

It is therefore the first sign of this new regulatory rigour, which relates, it should be noted, to a formula labelled organic, whose composition seems a priori not to pose problems, neither in terms of toxicity, nor even with regard to skin tolerance. We were perhaps expecting Afssaps on other types of products…

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