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ANSM bans Orgév cosmetics

Télécharger la Décision de police sanitaire de l'ANSM en format PDF.

By animal health decision of 11 March 2015, published on 7 April, the ANSM announces the withdrawal from the market and the suspension of the placing on the market, distribution, import, export and use of cosmetic products;Laboratoires Orgev International LTD and manufactured and packaged on the Rambouillet site, as well as the suspension for 6 months of the activities carried out by this company.

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It is for failure to comply with Good Manufacturing Practices (GMP) that the ANSM has taken this decision"leading to a risk of release of non-compliant finished products, contamination and deterioration of these products, (…) likely to harm their quality and human health".
The Health Products Safety Agency also criticises the company Orgév for information dossiers on'non-existent or incomplete' products and labels that do not comply with regulatory obligations.
It therefore orders the withdrawal of the products and the suspension of the activities of Laboratoires Orgev, Orgev, Orgev Cosmetics and Laboratoires Orgev International LTD.

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See the full text of the ANSM Health and Safety Decision, available for download below

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