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Cosmetics in the ANSM activity report 2015

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At the beginning of August, the ANSM (Agence nationale de sécurité du médicament et des produits de santé) published its activity report for the year 2015. 139 pages that L'Observatoire des Cosmétiques has read for you, to highlight passages of interest concerning companies and cosmetic products.

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Although cosmetic products are not at the heart of this activity report (strongly dominated by medicines), they are nevertheless mentioned in about ten pages. First mention on page 45, with a reminder of the framework for"monitoring the risks associated with cosmetic products".

Cosmetovigilance is mentioned on page 46, where it is indicated that in 2015, the Agency processed 227 reports of cosmetovigilance (against 193 in 2014 and 157 in 2013). Of these reports, 86 are serious cases.

A small paragraph (p. 46) on the control of the market in cosmetic products states that"the several families of substances are the subject of in-depth expert assessments, in particular lead and endocrine disrupting substances ". And on page 48, under the theme"Ensuring the safety of health products throughout their life cycle", a box recalls the consequences of the inspection of Cargill France's raw materials manufacturing facility located in Lannilis, which"has a significant impact on the safety of health products". led the ANSM to conduct a broader survey on the qualification of raw material suppliers (finalisation in 2016) in order to raise manufacturers' awareness of better management of their suppliers ".


Inspection of cosmetic products is mentioned on page 52. The report begins …

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