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The ANSM bans the ingredients of Cargill France (Lannilis site)

Télécharger la Décision de police sanitaire de l'ANSM du 25 septembre 2015

This decision of the ANSM health police is dated September 25. It orders the suspension of the manufacture, packaging, placing on the market, distribution, export and use of raw materials manufactured by Cargill France at its Lannilis site, as well as the withdrawal of products, including cosmetics, that incorporate them into their composition.

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At its Lannilis site in Finistère, Cargill France produces raw materials for use in the manufacture of medicines, medical devices and cosmetic products.
Following the inspection which was carried out there from July 21 to 24, 2015 by an inspector of the ANSM, many deficiencies were noteds, and it emerges from all the findings that the manufacturing conditions present risks of making contaminated or deteriorated raw materials available.
Consequently, the Agency considered that the activities of this company were likely to represent a danger to human health and therefore decided to suspend them.

Withdrawal of products

This decision also has consequences for manufacturers of products containing raw materials produced by Cargill.
Persons responsible for placing them on the market are required not to distribute them and to withdraw those already on the market within a maximum period of 30 days.A derogation is however granted and may allow further marketing, on the basis of a report demonstrating, in the specific case of the health product in question, control of the risk to human health in relation to its use.

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