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The French DGCCRF recalls the rules of cosmetic labelling

La DGCCRF rappelle les règles de l'étiquetage cosmétique

On 28 August 2020, the DGCCRF published a notice to remind consumers that the labelling of cosmetic products meets regulatory requirements in order to protect them and provide them with fair and transparent information. It encourages them to read product labels in full, and reminds them of a few rules, from the various mandatory statements to the structure of the list of ingredients, including the decoding of certain claims…

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Presented in the form of a practical leaflet, this leaflet lists the various compulsory passages on the label of a cosmetic product, explains their interest for the consumer, and warns against certain presentations or claims which may prove to be misleading.

In the section “The various mandatory particulars”, it recalls the information that the consumer must be able to read on the label, together with a few comments: the name and address of a contact person in the European Union enables the consumer to report any problems or undesirable effects relating to the product, the precautions for use inform the user of the measures he must take to use the product safely, the batch or reference number is essential for product traceability, the function of the product must appear to prevent misuse, etc.

With regard to “The list of ingredients”, it recalls the rules governing the drawing up of the list (use of the glossary of common names of ingredients), the presentation in descending order of importance, including “it results that, in general, the first 3 or 4 ingredients in the list constitute more than 80% of the product”, the meaning of the “+/-” before a list of colouring agents …

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