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Undesirable reactions to cosmetics: the French agency points a finger at misuses

Illustration: Dominique Leroux for Afssaps

The French agency for sanitary safety (Afssaps) has recently released three recommendations: the first one deals with the right usage of cosmetics , the two others (one for consumers, the other one for hair care professionals) deal with hair colourants. Their common topic is simple: using the cosmetics the right way may help to limit undesirable reactions. Nevertheless, is this that simple? CosmeticOBS-L’Observatoire des Cosmétiques read these documents for you.  

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December 21, 2010
For Afssaps , releasing these recommendations is in the line of the reports made by the Cosmetovigilance network, since it was implemented in 2004. Every year, the Agency publishes reports about the undesirable effects of cosmetics.

The main point of these recommendations now is that many of the undesirable reactions , going from irritations, contact hives, comedogenic effects or troubles concerning the skin pigmentation to allergies or photoallergies (due to an exposure to sun rays) are produced by a misuse of the products. This means a non-suitable use, or using them outside of the manufacturer’s recommendations.

Read the labels!

For hair colourants (again and again the products the most involved in allergies) as for all the other cosmetic products , the Agency issues a series of recommendations to limit these misuses and, consequently, the number of associated undesirable reactions .

The Agency reminds us, for all the cosmetics, the mandatory mentions that shall be on the labels : name and address of the manufacturer, nominal content , date of minimum durability , or the "Best before …" date , the Period-After-Opening if applicable, specific precautions for use, the list of ingredients and fragrance substances identifiedas able to …

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