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June 13, 2018 | Choosing your cosmetics well

How to choose your sun cream?

This has been true for a few years now: a whole series of questions arises when choosing our sunscreen products. Are synthetic anti-UV filters harmful to health? Do organic sunscreens contain nanoparticles? Is the cream SPF really as high as what is claimed on the label? How can we recognize the right product, the one that will allow us to get tanned in total peace, while protecting our skin from the damaging effects of UV rays? Item by item, Cosmetic OBS re-establishes the terms of the debate, and provides the answers to help you choose the right sunscreen product, such an essential cosmetic product, without making any mistake.

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How to choose your sun cream?

This has been true for a few years now: a whole series of questions arises when choosing our sunscreen products. Are synthetic anti-UV filters harmful to health? Do organic sunscreens contain nanoparticles? Is the cream SPF really as high as what is claimed on the label? How can we recognize ...

Feet beauty: 5 essential gestures

Summer is coming! And that is good news: at last, we can get lightly dressed and show our feet. However, after several months confined in their shoes, suffering the throes of winter, they look a bit sulky. So, before showing off with your sandals, CosmeticOBS has set up a list ...

How to take good care of black skins

Black skins work their own way and have their own issues. To make sure they keep healthy, skincare rituals must be adapted to their specificities. And with cosmetics, there is a solution to every problem.

The specificities of black skin

Since black skin has its own characteristics, it is essential to know how it works to take care of it properly. Knowing your skin from the inside is crucial to make the right cosmetic choices.

How to manage to take care of aged skin (2/2)

Skin aging naturally triggers an alteration of the skin quality. As time goes by, the skin gets thinner, fragile, or even dry. Although this skin issue is still not a major concern for the cosmetics industry today, certain products intended for these demanding skins have recently emerged.

How to manage to take care of aged skin

While the world of cosmetics constantly renews its offering and keeps innovating, elderly people cannot always find cosmetics answers adapted to their own problems: getting old is a phenomenon to which we have not found a solution yet. How to take care of aged skins and know what they need? ...

The 6 Valentine’s Day commandments… for men!

 It is the same old story every year. For Valentine’s Day, there is a flood of all sorts of underwear and cosmetic products for women to look as desirable as possible. Of course, it is up to men to cover their lady-love with presents, but that is not a reason ...

CosmeticOBS - Observatoire des Cosmétiques

Does e-commerce tell you all about cosmetics?

Shopping from home in a few clicks is increasingly more common, including to buy cosmetics. However, e-commerce does not always give you the information you can get in store. And due to these significant shortcomings, you cannot make well-informed choices and buy safely.

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pH and skin types

Any physical environment, whatever its nature (except if it does not contain water), may be characterized by its degree of acidity or alkalinity, measured by its pH (potential of Hydrogen). And the skin is no exception, so cosmetics must take this into account not to risk damaging it. Everyone can ...

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In the intimacy of women’s intimate hygiene

Women’s intimate hygiene still often sounds like a taboo topic. And yet, the offering of cosmetics intended for it is actually well-developed and comprises the best… and much worse. Which products should you choose? How should you use them? Here is a short guide and a few tips to gently ...

4 must have… for your eyes only!

Beautiful eyes attract everybody’s attention! Not only do they arouse sympathy and trust, they are also one of - if not the - most important weapon that is utilized when flirting… who can resist sparkling eyes and seductive lashes? The secrets to get a stunningly beautiful look go through eyeliner, ...

Summer beauty: 4 advice to resist to hottest times!

Summer has arrived! High temperatures and bright sunshine admittedly raise the spirits. Unfortunately, this combination does not get along well with make-up. While the foundation starts to run and stain, our face is unfavourably shiny which makes our complexion appear uneven. After a while eye shadow and lipstick, too, have ...


Summer care: the six Commandments

Brilliant sunshine paired with ice cream, tiramisu, or iced coffee: there are many reasons to rejoice the summer. Lightness is the rule for diet? For skin too, 'less is more'! A few tips to give hair and skin what they are longing for during summer season.

How to fight hair imbalance?

When the hair is weakened and the scalp imbalanced… will any hair treatment do? Of course not. Now, if this is always true, it is even more so when the need appears stronger. Have a glance at the composition of your cosmetic products to avoid any unwelcome ingredient, and head ...

Oily skins: the ingredients to be avoided

One could logically think that all the ingredients that should particularly be avoided by people with oily skins (occlusive, comedogenic, too irritant or drying, and likely to cause ‘rebound effects’…) are excluded from the composition of cosmetics specifically formulated for them. Unfortunately, it is not always the case. And checking ...

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Occasional hair loss in women

Alopecia or hair loss also affects women and can be traumatic, can it be overcome with a simple shampoo or lotion? Without expecting miracles, cosmetic products can at least help to slow down this phenomenon, stimulate hair regrowth and densify hair, and even, as a last resort, mask the most ...


Dark circles empty their bags thanks to cosmetics!

The eye contour is a delicate area: this is where the skin is the thinnest, and it is in constant demand (eye blinks, on-screen work, makeup). It can easily adorn itself with unattractive dark circles and bags which make us look tired. Here are some cosmetic actives and advice to ...


Dry and mature skin: active ingredients to look for

Which cosmetic ingredients can benefit dry and mature skin? Which actives provide comfort, softness, and hydration? Which ones are we pleased to see in nourishing and anti-ageing products for their value, their quality, their safety, or the benefit they have for particularly dry skin or skin that lacks firmness?


Thinness: what’s new under orange-peel skin?

In journalism, thinness is what we call a “chestnut tree”, which means, a topic that periodically reappears each season (spring), just like chestnuts fall from trees each autumn. And here we are again! So, what’s new under orange-peel skin? A few new cosmetic products – there has never been a ...

The Observatory of Cosmetics

Foundation, BB, CC, tinted creams: how not to get lost?

Things were simple until very recently: foundation or tinted cream, and the choice was made. But now dozens of BB and CC creams are invading the cosmetics market, and we are getting lost. What makes them groundbreaking? Can I use these products on my dry, oily, normal skin? What makes ...


Reactive and sensitive skins: the ingredients to be avoided

What is it in our cosmetic products that can increase the sensitivity of sensitive and reactive skins, or the intolerance phenomena experienced when they are in contact? How are we supposed to keep washing, taking care of and treating these epidermises, when some cannot stand anything any longer? Which actives ...

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Are anti-ageing creams worth the investment?

That’s the million-pound question! It’s the question that experts are asked the most often, the question that comes up the most often in interviews and articles by cosmetics journalists. It’s the question that every woman (and more and more men as well) will wonder about at some point in her ...'Observatoire des Cosmétiques

The price of a cosmetic

Does a price guarantee quality? One often gets the impression that “the more expensive it is, the better”. Otherwise, why would it be more expensive? But beware, in this case, good sense is not necessarily helpful. Indeed, the price of a cosmetic product depends on numerous factors, all of which ...

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Toothpastes without menthol: Why? Which ones?

More than 1 in 2 French people use homeopathic medicines and this figure is increasing every year*. However, menthol is reputed to harm the effectiveness of homeopathy, and its use is not recommended, at least in the moments close to taking the treatment. Which toothpaste to choose in this case, when there are so ...

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What is your dry skin type?

Nearly 40% of us in Europe deem our skin to be dry. And we are often mistaken about the nature of this dry skin, as well as about the solutions to be implemented to relieve our discomfort. Did you know that there are several types of dry skin, with many differences ...

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A trip to the core of moisturization

If there is only one key factor for our skins’ health and beauty, it is its moisturization. Any imbalance in this characteristic is a systematic source of discomforts, cosmetic defects, up to skin diseases, all of this being more or less harmful. However, the process of skin moisturization is complex, ...

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BB Creams: Moisturizing? … Not that obvious!

BB Creams, more and more trendy, are said to be "all-in-one" products, and pile up claim after claim: up to eight different claims, from a complexion evenness to UV protection, including imperfections correcting or anti-ageing actions … Can we take all these promises at face value? Françoise Nielloud, a Doctor ...

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UV filters: a daily concern?

A UV filter in any daily care product seems to be a good idea. Indeed, nowadays, the Sun Protection Factor (SPF) is mentioned more and more often on the labels of day care, make-up, of the so trendy BB-creams or hair products, by the name of the anti-free radicals and ...


Hair dyes: which danger is hung over our heads?

Toxicity, risks of cancer, irritations, allergies, anaphylactic shocks going to a coma … one can no longer keep track of the warnings and words of caution about hair dyes. Faced to recurrent fears, the cosmetic industry plays the reassuring actor, stating that the formula of its colouring products is strictly ...

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A preservative is needed in every cosmetic product: it prevents the development of microbes, making the product safe for use and for the user. Its efficiency comes both from its broad spectrum against microbes (efficient against Gram+ and Gram- bacteria) and its antifungi effect (preventing the fungi development or mould ...


Cosmetics, the male way

New brands, new programs, new products: since some years, the cosmetics-for-men market is booming. Be they "rough around the edges" trendy for nature and straightforward, "metrosexual" very concerned by their appearance, or, more simply … a man, men, as their mates, are cosmetics users. Indeed, on every single day, even ...

How many cosmetics for a baby?

Few are the best! Many dermatologists say it over and over again: the less the baby is in contact with cosmetic products and ingredients, the lower the risk to be in contact with a substance likely to produce an allergy and an irritation. The more we let nature do its ...

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Oily skins: ingredients to privilege

Oily skins have very specific needs, to balance the sebum production, to make the complexion more matt, to cleanse the epidermis, to tighten pores, purify and clean without being aggressive … May we have confidence in the specifically designed cosmetics? Yes, often. Nevertheless, it may be useful to check whether ...

Risky cosmetics? But what risks?

All the ingredients used in cosmetic and hygiene products are allowed by the applicable regulation, measured and controlled to guarantee the safety of the consumers. Nevertheless, any regulation has its loop-holes. Some hazards linked to cosmetics applications are yet suspected, even feared. Some of them are now known. Many others ...

The assets to privilege… and to use the closed eyes

Sensitive and reactive skins: ingredients to privilege

Quite often, this website (and others) draws your attention to the ingredients to avoid, for whatever reason. Less often, the topic is about the ingredients we like to have in our products thanks to their interest, their quality or the help they may bring to our skins. Especially when our ...

Ingredients to avoid for dry and mature skin

Dry and mature skins: ingredients to avoid

What do dry and/or mature skins need to be comfortable, tonic, supple and withstanding the signs that time goes on?  Is it enough to pick up products that claim they are exactly suitable for that?  Well … not always. Why not add, once again, that a look at the list ...

The Observatory of Cosmetics

Which cosmetics are environment-friendly?

More and more, consumers pay attention to the formula of their cosmetics, to avoid ingredients that could be dangerous for their health or that could be the cause of allergies. Nevertheless, one less often thinks about their potential impact on the environment, and yet … Raw materials, manufacturing processes, packaging: ...


Oils and fats in cosmetics

Besides water, fats are the basis for numerous cosmetic products. Creams, body-lotions, serum, make-up, exfoliating agents, shower-gels and shampoos … they may all contain more or less of them. Some detailed pieces of information may help users to choose among the four main families used in our hygiene and cosmetic ...

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Which cosmetics to use on a mature skin?

It is an unavoidable process. As for our arteries and our entire organism, bit-by-bit from the very first day of our life, our skin ages. Along the weeks, months and years, the signs of this evolution are more and more visible. As is the urge to conceal them, even to ...


Which cosmetics for which skins?

With its two m² (on average) (21.5 ft²) and its weight of 4 to 5 kgs (8.8 to 11lbs) when adult, our skin is the largest organ of a human body. It comes with several layers of tissues and is the first barrier against aggressions. That is why it must be pampered, and it must get the ...

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Fluorine, yes ? but not too much!

Is fluorine needed in toothpastes? Yes, some experts say; it is the only active ingredient known to prevent cavities. Not necessarily, other experts answer; too much fluorine may lead to a teeth disease, fluorose, which gives white or yellowish marks on teeth. We do have many occurrences when we are ...