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Reactive and sensitive skins: the ingredients to be avoided


What is it in our cosmetic products that can increase the sensitivity of sensitive and reactive skins, or the intolerance phenomena experienced when they are in contact? How are we supposed to keep washing, taking care of and treating these epidermises, when some cannot stand anything any longer? Which actives should be avoided? A glance at the list of ingredients often helps make better choices, and avoid mistakes.

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One could, rather logically, suppose all the ingredients to be particularly avoided for the comfort and good hydration of sensitive and reactive skins are never incorporated into the composition of the cosmetic products destined for them. It is not always the case though. Indeed, many of those available on the market contain alcohol in great quantities in their formulations, numerous essential oils, or among the most irritating surfactants…

Likewise, one could think all the ingredients present in cosmetic products are absolutely safe, and do not present any potential undesirable effect, since they have been authorized by the Cosmetic Regulation devised to guarantee consumers a high degree of safety. The debate on the toxicity of some compounds, as can be seen with the past reversals of regulations concerning a few of them, or the most recent scientific data, again tends to show logic and cosmetics do not necessarily go hand in hand…

That is why we have decided to offer you this small list of least recommended ingredients, especially when they are regularly applied on the skin, or present in product formulas in great quantities.
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