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The 6 Valentine’s Day commandments… for men!


 It is the same old story every year. For Valentine’s Day, there is a flood of all sorts of underwear and cosmetic products for women to look as desirable as possible. Of course, it is up to men to cover their lady-love with presents, but that is not a reason for them not to take care of their own appearance. So, for the sake of perfect equality, CosmeticOBS has listed six commandments to comply with, so that they look as attractive as their partners.

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There is no reason why only women should do themselves up, especially since men’s cosmetics are developing more and more. Gentlemen, we are done with the Gorilla trend, so please try and play hard-to-get too!

1. Iron hair, velvety beard
As barbers have been opening stores on every street corner, they just cannot deny it: the beard has made a comeback (for men, of course: for women, it is only admitted at the circus). Facial hair is now firmly established as a mark of cool attitude. Being in is good, but wearing the beard makes a huge number of collateral victims: spouses. Indeed, facial hair is extremely strong, and it is prickly for delicate skins! To prevent any undesirable irritation (even on the skin) during a tender moment, men should just take care of their beards. 
Alright, but how? First, to cleanse your hair and remove all its germs, you should use shampoo, with an adapted product, obviously. The second step consists in brushing it to get rid of all the impurities that get fixed in the beard. Lastly, to soften it, apply oil or balm on a daily basis. After a few days, your hair will be much less hard, so you will have no excuse not to throw yourself on your beloved one and cover them with kisses. It can even make them fancy you!

2. A bit more liveliness… in the look, first!
Valentine’s Day is the most romantic night of the year, the one where we usually make endless, loving, passionate eyes at our loved one. Feel like playing with fiery eyes? Well, then, avoid dark circles and puffiness (at least under your eyes)! Just admit it, it ruins the party. The quickest option is to switch off the light… and count on your other advantages. But this method has its own limits… Here is another solution: apply a cold spoon on your lids for a decongestant, smoothing effect. Using a concealer on a daily basis is still the most durable way to fight against signs of fatigue around your eyes.

3. Yes to love, no to love handles!
Women are the favourite targets of the segment of slimming beauty products: they are supposed to get the better of certain curves deemed unsightly. So, if we assume surplus kilos on a woman’s figure do not look really pretty, gentlemen, you should know that they do not either on you. And fortunately, the cosmetics industry has (also) thought about you: you will find creams specially designed for men on the market. Fighting against love handles thanks to cosmetics is now possible (drastic diets and giving up junk food also works, in fact…). Equality is really beautiful, is it not?

4. Watch out for gorillas!
While facial hair has been set up as a strong attribute for sex appeal, the same cannot be said of body hair. We are really not trying and justifying the development of sanitized society in which everyone should get rid of any coat, but it is true that on certain areas, abundant fur is quite crippling. Back, shoulders, nose, or mono-brow, the presence of hair on all these areas is only tolerated for animals.
That is the reason why hair removal for men is becoming democratic, whether at home or in beauty salons. For simple areas like shoulders or back (and also depending on your suppleness), you can do it alone at home (or with the help of a benevolent soul). However, for more sensitive areas like testicles, the buttock crease (indeed, you can remove hair down there!), or the armpits (in addition, hair in this area enhances the development of bacteria and bad smell), it is strongly recommended to go to a beauty salon. These are delicate areas where the skin is thin and fragile, so you will need an expert hand to prevent any bruise or blood coming up.
For the least enthusiastic of you when it comes to going to a beauty salon, there are places 100% dedicated to men. At least, there is no risk for you to come across your neighbour.

5. Dandruff
If there is (another) love killer, it is dandruff: shoulders filled with white flakes are only charming during holidays in the mountains…
Although it does not indicate your hair is dirty, but rather that your scalp is dry or lacks balance, it can also be seriously itchy, and you will no longer be quite so high and mighty if you start scratching your head furiously. So, to avoid sowing it everywhere and look like you have dubious hygiene habits (and instead of trying on the old trick about the… electrical breakdown), you will need to adopt a specialized routine. No need to wash your hair every day, just choose an anti-dandruff shampoo and apply a leave-on lotion. If your dandruff still will not go away, the best is to go see a dermatologist. 

6. Make it as soft as possible
Again, women are bombarded (no silly pun here) about their intimate areas. At the fateful moment, they should be as fresh as if they had just had a shower, otherwise they will get not-so-charming a remark. And yet, men are also concerned by this issue. From now on, they will find creams to moisturize their sex organs and give them an immediate sensation of cleanliness and freshness. In the form of gels, these products penetrate very quickly. And the icing on the cake is that these skincare products soften the area, so you can enjoy the rest of your night… 


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