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Thinness: what’s new under orange-peel skin?


In journalism, thinness is what we call a “chestnut tree”, which means, a topic that periodically reappears each season (spring), just like chestnuts fall from trees each autumn. And here we are again! So, what’s new under orange-peel skin? A few new cosmetic products – there has never been a lack of new launchings in this field! – and even a few recommended by CosmeticOBS-L’Observatoire des Cosmétiques… but always with the same “effective” actives… and the same advice for a healthier life to go with them!

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We know for having tried a few over the past few years that slimming cosmetic products do not work exactly like a magic wand which would reduce centimetres or plumpness with a two-minute application every morning…
We can also see new references, new textures, even kits with various massage products and accessories destined to potentiate the efficacy of the actives incorporated in formulas appear on the market… Nothing fundamentally innovative, but there is still a bit of novelty…

Of course, we know it would be unrealistic to expect everything of one cream but… we do want to believe in it, at least a little!
And why not, since it can help? Provided we do not forget about the few lines of conduct that will then make our body line become…a melting model!

We should never forget that slimming is a global approach involving three essential points: a healthy lifestyle, a good cosmetic product, and a good massage. Beware: if one of these elements is missing in the triptych, it will not “work”!

A healthy lifestyle

No matter how effective it is, it is useless to invest in a cosmetic product if we do not complement it with a few accompanying measures… which represent the actual basis of thinness.

And it is our plate that is targeted first
It must be light and well-balanced. Without using any bad language or talk about a real diet, it is all about filling your plate with foods that can rather be characterized by their volume than by their calorie content. Long live fruit and vegetables rich in fibres, in water, and in a multitude of antioxidant nutrients that also guarantee you will remain in good health.
They should be completed with proteins amongst the least fatty (fish, white meat, tofu for those who like it…) to nourish our muscles (they contribute to raising our metabolism and “burning energy”), while sugars should be supplied in light quantities, and a few desserts banned. On top of that, we should drink a lot – mostly water – to eliminate…
Lastly, we need to get back to the few principles everyone knows, but which we sometimes forget to apply on a daily basis.

Then let’s move!
The point is also for us to spend more calories than we swallow (which is how our bodies can draw on their reserves… and get slimmer). Yes, this means practising sport again. Not necessarily intensive sport, but on a regular basis, and there’s no way out of it: we start walking again, and rediscover we actually do have a bike or a swimming-pool next to our home. The best is to do a bit every day.

A good cosmetic product

A slimming product can (and must!) act on various levels, that is, it should contain several types of actives, so that they work in synergy and each of them potentiates the others’ effects. Indeed it should:
• limit the storage of fats by thwarting the process of lipogenesis (thus enabling lipid synthesis),
• increase the energy expenditure of cells by facilitating lipolysis (thus enabling lipid degradation),
• facilitate the elimination of fats and other waste by boosting the microcirculation process which contributes to the draining process.

Fortunately, the formulation of a good slimming product may be completed with restructuring and toning actives for the skin in order to avoid the phenomena of relaxation and withering which may result from important weight loss.

Of course, caffeine is ahead of the most recognized slimming actives , as well as everything that contains it. In the list of ingredients:
• Caffeine
• Coffea arabica (coffee)
• Camelia sinensis (green tea)
• Paullinia cupana (guarana)

Other actives also contribute to increasing the energy expenditure of cells:
• Escin
• Fucus vesiculosus extract (algae extract)
• Garcinia cambogia fruit extract (gambooge fruit)
• Ginkgo biloba extract
• Theophylline

As for drainage , plant extracts are in the spotlight:
• Aesculus hippocastanum bark extract (Horse chestnut)
• Hedera helix extract (ivy)
• Ruscus aculeatus root extract (ruscus)
• Spiraea ulmaria extract (meadowsweet)

Lastly, in order to tone up the skin , silicon and the ingredients that contain some are recommended for their restructuring effect on the connective tissue:
• Equisetum arvense (horsetail)
• Methylsilanol mannuronate

A great number of essential oils can also play the role of a “toner” for the epidermis.

A good massage

The best cosmetic actives in the world will not do anything (or little) if we only quickly apply the product once in a while.
First, perseverance pays off here. Once you have started the process, the cream should be applied every day, with no exception, and preferably in the morning and evening (possibly with a slightly different product formulation, which is increasingly more common), even if you are tired, even if you are in a hurry…
Then it is essential to insist when massaging. A furtive, soft caress with only a bit of cream in your hand feels nice… but is hardly effective. A real good massage does play a major role in the action of the product. It enables to dissociate collagen lumps (it “unsticks” fats) and activates the lymphatic system which facilitates elimination processes.
A few manufacturers recommend particular massage techniques in product instructions: adopt them. Go right ahead, and you can even insist, for it can only get better.

And a last tip

There are still many an extravagant promise on slimming product labels. We are not supposed to completely believe them (and in case you were tempted to believe them anyway, you can read the very beginning of this article again…).
The efficacy test results displayed always represent an argument in favour of the product, provided of course they be sufficiently detailed and accompanied with figures, and indicate the number of people they were performed on, and for how long…
And beware, we are talking about efficacy tests here, with which the product action is accurately measured, and not only satisfactory tests consisting in asking consumers whether they found the cream pleasant to use…

There you go. Up to you now!

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