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TTIP: 14th round and cosmetics

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The 14th negotiating round of negotiations for the transatlantic trade and investment partnership between European Union and United States (TTIP) took place in Brussels from 11-15 July 2016. The European Commission published its report on this session, with a chapter dedicated to cosmetic products.

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In this report, the European Commission states that 'the EU presented its proposal for an Annex on cosmetics. While discussions remained preliminary, both sides agreed to put the respective proposals side by side ahead of next round.'

The EU noted that the scope of the TTIP provisions on cosmetics should be as comprehensive as possible in order to cover all products falling under the legal definition of cosmetics in the EU.

On safety assessment of ingredients, the EU indicated that its proposal is non-binding, encouraging Parties to cooperate but without an obligation to achieve any particular joint outcome or joint regulatory action.

On labelling, the EU explained its proposal aimed at aligning labelling requirements for cosmetics with the International Nomenclature of Cosmetics Ingredients Committee.

As regards standards, the EU indicated that the existing national standards applicable to cosmetics should be aligned with the standards adopted by ISO.

On alternative methods to animal testing, the EU conveyed the strategic interest to develop and recognise, for regulatory purposes, alternative methods to animal testing.

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• See the details of the EU proposal on cosmetics

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